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We want everyone to be able to come to camp, regardless of their family’s financial situation. Even with our rates at the bare minimum, it can still be tough to get the money together.  Making a donation to the scholarship fund means that someone wont miss out on a potential life-changing summer.  Here’s some things to note about camp:

•     Transformed lives – At camp, young people have the mental room to consider some of the most important issues of life. This break from the craziness of their regular routine allows campers to think about their future, to evaluate unhealthy patterns, and to discover the truth that God loves them and has an amazing plan for their lives.

•      Adult mentors – According to researchers, kids spend on average 3.5 minutes in meaningful conversation with their parents each week. At camp, caring adults, counselors and mentors come alongside campers, helping them think through decisions and experiences in a way that will prepare them for their future. Many campers point back to a positive role model they met at camp as one who helped shape the direction of their lives.

•      Nature and adventure – Pine Brook Camp is right in between Lake Wyola and Wendell State Forest.  We have 120 acres of stunning property, miles of trails, basketball courts, sports fields, a swimming pond, streams and more. Campers explore nature, participate in new adventures and test their limits in a healthy environment surrounded by the grandeur of God’s creation.

•      Lifelong friendships – Good friends who exert positive peer pressure can make all the difference in a kid’s life. Friendships with caring adults and other campers, forged through shared experience and the compressed time at camp, can last a lifetime and provide a connection that helps young people navigate the challenges of life.

•      Temporary Community – In a setting separate from their daily routine, with an opportunity to shed the expectations and pressures of others, campers are freed up to truly be themselves, to live above artificial limitations and blossom into who they were created to be.* 


Checks written to “Pine Brook Camp” with the memo “scholarship fund” can be sent to:

Pine Brook Camp – 210 Lakeview Rd – Shutesbury, MA 01072

 *taken and altered from http://thepowerofcamp.com/?page_id=10