Donate MoneyPine Brook Camp is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  A large portion of our annual income is made up of donations from churches and individuals.  In any month of the year, your financial gift really goes a long way. We are now set up to take online donations. By clicking the “Make a Donation” button you can create your own user account and set up reoccurring donations.



Donation Policy

Due to IRS Regulations, donations are not refundable.

It is the policy of Pine Brook Camp that the Board of Directors retains the right to remove any restrictions on gifts when it is in the best interest of Pine Brook Camp to do so. The Board has complete control and administration over the use of donated funds; however the Board will seek to use designated funds in accordance with the donor’s wishes whenever practical.

The Board of Directors will have final approval for Pine Brook Camp created designations or restrictions on donations. New Projects or purchases will not be initiated in response to donor requests, except as authorized by the Board.

Donations may be designated to support the ministry of (a named staff member) at Pine Brook Camp, or to support the ministry of (a staff position) at Pine Brook Camp. To ensure that all gifts are tax deductible, donations may not be designated to an individual but must be made to Pine Brook Camp. In the event a position is eliminated, or an individual leaves Pine Brook Camp, the board reserves the right to use any designated funds in the best interest of the camp.

Donations to the ministry of a staff member or position that are in excess of current earnings will be applied to future earnings. Donations do not create a wage or salary increase, except as authorized by the Board.